Thursday, April 07, 2005

How too keep your school clean

To keep your school clean do the following.

  1. desk- clean your desk organized put books in order by subject
  2. lockers-clean your locker by putting books on the shelf makesure your coat is hung up makesure no dirt is in your locker.
  3. lunchroom - help people pick-up trash off the floor and off the tables and put the trash in the garbage can and sweep the floor.
  4. locker room- help pick-up paper off the floors
  5. hallways- clean up trash and help get marks off the lockers in the hallway
  6. classroom-help pick-up paper and trash and posters up and take the tape off of it and throw the tape away
  7. schoolbus- help pick-up gum rappers and other trash
  8. gym- help pick-up the basket balls and put them back on the ball rack.
  9. school grounds- pick-up newspapers, cans, pop bottles, and etc
  10. neighborhoods- pick-up paper, boxes if theres any, pick up- tires and hood caps